Samsung Galaxy S6 Price: The Spectacular Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Release Date Rumors

Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price

Samsung’s Galaxy S6, together with its nearly twin brother the S6 Edge, is the new flagship for the company boasting high quality and design. Samsung improved everything regarding its Galaxy line of smartphones, turning it into a truly premium phone worthy of true competition.

Its brother “Edge” adds to the popularity with its curved edges making the smartphone more stylish and breaking from tradition while maintaining the same specs the regular S6 has.

The Galaxy S6 certainly stepped up a notch from its predecessor with its new metal and glass designed instead of using plastic. The classy, high quality design is complemented by a 5.1 HD screen, a very powerful octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM memory and a 16 megapixel main camera, while also having a 5 megapixel front camera for its users to take great looking selfies.

The new smartphone does have a couple of drawbacks which many users complained about. Because of the newly added wireless charging ability, they had to remove the possibility to add a microSD card in order to extend memory while also making the battery irremovable.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a sleek design, with its smooth Gorilla Glass in the front and rear while having an aluminum band on its sides. These design qualities make the new smartphone truly feel as a flagship phone, justifying its over 700 USD price. The S6 gives the consumer a few options when it comes to colour with the “jewel tones” as the company calls them. These tones include gold platinum, white pearl, black sapphire, blue topaz and emerald green. There can also be some subtle dual tonality between the front and back depending on the light shines on the phone, giving it an extra bit of detail.

The phone is light in weight, even though it feels solid; it is certainly slimmer than its predecessor, the S5.

Galaxy S6 boasts 5.1 inch screen, which is declared to be one of the best and high-quality screens, especially when it comes to sharpness, available on any smartphone released to date. Its main 16 megapixel camera, made by Sony, takes pictures of high quality even in dim light while also preserving more of the raw detail. The camera captures sharp, detailed pictures while it auto focuses as fast as the iPhone 6.

The Galaxy S6 is available for sale in many stores, including on Amazon, and it rightfully sells for around 700 USD if you are purchasing it without a phone company contract. With all the specs given, the price seems more than fair, and it will not disappoint any Samsung fan or new potential consumers interested in changing brands.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price: around 700 USD

Samsung Galaxy S6 is water resistant

In this video we can see a test with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and an Apple iPhone 6 droped in a pot with boiling water. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 won the battle against iPhone 6 water resistance, as the iPhone 6 got water damage and got shut down just after few moments after introducing it into the boiling water, despite the Samsung Galaxy S6 which had resisted a lot more in the boiling water.

I can say Samsung engineers did a good work making their latest smartphone model Galaxy S6 water resistant.

Any further updates about the device will be added below. Stay tuned with us.


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